Darren Pratley

Darren Pratley - Director
The Home Loan Group (NZ) Ltd

Personal Loans:

You may, at some point, find yourself wanting to renovate or buy new items for your house, maybe extend or add on a garage or even update and modernize your kitchen. As part of our ongoing client service, we are more than happy to assist you in obtaining finance in order to make those dreams a reality now.

We will assist in obtaining fast, easy finance through a selection of over 18 major lenders in New Zealand, and enable you to complete those projects now, when you want them done.

We understand that it is not always easy to save for the things you want on top of paying off the mortgage, and we will get you the best structure to help you pay off this personal loan as soon as possible - while at the same time enjoying life (and your new kitchen) now.

Where do I Start?

We strongly recommend that you start by contacting us and making an appointment with one of our Consultants. This meeting can be held at our offices, or at your place of work or at your home, at a time to suit you.

Your Consultant will listen to your requirements and outline and discuss with you possible purchasing scenarios based on your personal and financial circumstances, along with discussing which lenders are likely to approve finance and the reasons why. If you are happy to proceed we suggest your consultant complete, collate and submit an application for finance to a lender(s) on your behalf. This is strongly recommended for several reasons:

  • Our consultants do the work for you at no cost and maximise the chances of success.
  • Pre-approval gives you sound knowledge of your maximum affordable price range, associated costs and loan repayment amounts.
  • Any issues identified by either your consultant or the lenders are addressed before you begin renovations or whatever you may be purchasing.
  • Any conditions imposed by the lender (such as additional information to be supplied) are known at the outset.
  • You can begin your renovations or organize your holiday with confidence.